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New York’s Finest Wines & Spirits
The diverse range of wines, spirits, and ciders produced in New York State shows the state's long history of excellence and craftsmanship skill. From the lush vineyards of the Finger Lakes to cutting-edge distilleries in its vibrant cities, New York offers a world of exquisite beverages ripe for discovery.

New York State Produced Wine

New York State's wine scene, led by the Finger Lakes region, is celebrated for its exceptional Rieslings, alongside notable Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. Top brands include Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery, known for their pioneering Rieslings; Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard, with their exquisite Chardonnays and Rieslings; and Ravines Wine Cellars, excelling in Cabernet Franc and Merlot. The Finger Lakes' unique terroir, characterized by deep glacial lakes and diverse soils, imparts a distinctive minerality and vibrant acidity to the wines, differentiating them from global counterparts.

New York State Produced Liquor

In New York State, renowned for its unique approach to liquor production, Black Button Distilling in Rochester and Finger Lakes Distilling are key players. Black Button is noted for its grain-to-glass philosophy and diverse range of spirits, while Finger Lakes Distilling leverages the region's rich agricultural resources for its varied spirit offerings. A pivotal trend in New York's liquor scene is the focus on local, sustainable ingredients, reflecting a broader farm-to-bottle movement. This emphasis, along with innovative distillation techniques, places New York at the forefront of the craft spirits revolution, distinguishing its products with unique flavors influenced by the state's distinct climate and agricultural heritage.

New York State Produced Cider

In New York, a hub for cider production, 1911 Established (Beak & Skiff), and Three Brothers Wineries & Estates with their Bombshell Hard Cider stand out. 1911 Established, leveraging over a century of apple-growing expertise, creates ciders that epitomize the crisp, fresh flavors of New York apples. Three Brothers' Bombshell Hard Cider offers a more experimental twist, blending traditional cider-making with innovative flavors. These producers exemplify New York's cider-making heritage, which ranges from classic, crisp ciders to inventive artisanal blends, all rooted in the state's rich variety of apples and balanced in sweetness, acidity, and effervescence.

New York State Produced Whiskey

New York State's whiskey scene, marked by its unique style and flavors, features standout distilleries like Black Button Distilling, Catskill Distilling Company, Great Jones Distilling Co., Hudson Whiskey, and Kings County Distillery. These distilleries are celebrated for their use of locally sourced grains and creative aging methods. Black Button Distilling offers grain-to-glass whiskeys, capturing the essence of New York's rich agricultural produce. Catskill and Great Jones blend traditional techniques with modern twists, while Hudson Whiskey and Kings County Distillery are known for their small-batch, artisanal approach. Together, they embody New York's rising status in the whiskey world, offering products with a unique smoothness and complexity that stand tall alongside global whiskey giants.

Adirondack Winery

Adirondack Winery, deeply rooted in the picturesque landscape of the Adirondack Mountains, is celebrated for encapsulating the region's natural splendor in its wines. Established as a symbol of the area's burgeoning winemaking potential, the winery has carved a niche with its fruit-forward and aromatic offerings. Among their best-selling products are their signature berry-infused wines, which stand out for their inventive blends that artfully combine traditional winemaking with the bountiful local berry varieties. Additionally, their range of white wines, particularly the crisp and refreshing Rieslings and Chardonnays, showcases the delicate balance and nuanced flavors that the unique Adirondack terroir imparts.

Anthony Road Winery

Anthony Road Winery, nestled in the renowned Finger Lakes region of New York, epitomizes the area's winemaking excellence. Renowned for their skillful craftsmanship, the winery specializes in cool-climate varietals, with a particular emphasis on Rieslings. These wines are celebrated for their vibrant acidity, distinctive mineral notes, and layered flavors, reflecting the optimal conditions of the Finger Lakes. Among their standout offerings are their award-winning Rieslings, which beautifully express the terroir's unique character, and their Pinot Gris and Cabernet Franc, which demonstrate the versatility and depth of the region's varietals.

10 Must-Visit Wineries and Distilleries in New York

New York State is a treasure trove for lovers of fine wines, spirits, and ciders, with a rich history and a thriving beverage industry. From the lush vineyards of the Finger Lakes to the innovative urban distilleries of Brooklyn, here are ten must-see destinations that highlight the best of New York's alcoholic beverage scene:
  1. 1911 Established and Distillery: Celebrating over a century of apple farming, this distillery excels in creating traditional hard ciders and spirits with an orchard-to-bottle approach, ensuring pure and authentic flavors.
  2. Black Button Distilling: A leader in New York's craft spirits movement, Black Button Distilling in Rochester showcases traditional distilling techniques blended with modern flavors, especially noted for their small-batch bourbons and gins.
  3. Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery: This Finger Lakes winery, a pioneer in introducing vinifera grapes to New York, is famed for its high-quality Rieslings, capturing the unique terroir of the region.
  4. Herman J. Wiemer Winery: Known for its focus on aromatic varietals, particularly Riesling and sparkling wines, this winery highlights the distinct microclimate and soils of the Finger Lakes.
  5. Adirondack Winery: Located in the beautiful Adirondack region, this winery is known for its fruit-forward flavors and innovative approach to winemaking, reflecting the natural beauty of the area.
  6. Lakewood Vineyards: Nestled in the Finger Lakes, Lakewood Vineyards is celebrated for its diverse range of wines, including award-winning Rieslings and robust reds, showcasing the versatility of the region's terroir.
  7. Finger Lakes Distilling: A traditional distillery that honors the resources of the Finger Lakes region, producing high-quality whiskey, vodka, gin, and liqueurs in copper pot stills.
  8. Montezuma Winery & Hidden Marsh Distillery: Located in Seneca Falls, Montezuma Winery, alongside its Hidden Marsh Distillery, is known for a diverse selection of wines and unique spirits, including fruit wines and meads. Their innovative approach to winemaking and distilling offers a unique tasting experience.
  9. Nine Pin Cider: As New York's first craft cider company, Nine Pin Cider leads the cider revolution with innovative and complex flavors, all made from New York-grown apples.
  10. Wagner Vineyards: Nestled in the Finger Lakes region, Wagner Vineyards is renowned for its exceptional range of wines, including Rieslings, Cabernet Franc, and Chardonnay. They offer tastings with picturesque views of Seneca Lake, making it a must-visit for wine enthusiasts.