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Welcome to the holiday season at Seneca Wine & Liquor!
Our dedicated team has expertly curated a fantastic array of gifts for this holiday season. From the discerning whiskey aficionado to the wine enthusiast, our handpicked selections reflect our deep expertise and passion for exceptional spirits and wines.

Stocking Stuffers
Greg’s choices for stocking stuffers are perfect for adding a little extra joy this holiday season. Discover miniature delights that make for wonderful surprises.
Red Wine
Our red wine selection spans the spectrum from robust Cabernet Sauvignons and elegant Pinot Noirs to spicy Shirazes and velvety Merlots. Each bottle is selected for its distinct profile, offering a journey through renowned wine regions and lesser-known, yet equally fascinating, terroirs.
White Wine
Explore our diverse range of white wines, featuring crisp Sauvignon Blancs, aromatic Rieslings, rich Chardonnays, and refreshing Pinot Grigios. Greg's picks reflect a balance between classic favorites and exciting new discoveries from around the globe.
This whiskey selection is a testament to the vast world of this spirit. From the smoky peat of an Islay Scotch to the smooth caramel of a Kentucky Bourbon and the spicy complexity of a Rye Whiskey, each bottle offers a unique story and flavor profile for the discerning palate.
Discover the rich heritage of Tequila through Greg's selection, which ranges from the crisp, clear Blancos to the complex Añejos and Reposados. Each Tequila is chosen for its authenticity and flavor, representing the best of traditional and modern distillation methods.
These gin picks take you on a botanical journey, featuring London Dry gins with their classic juniper-forward profile, contemporary New Western gins with an array of botanical innovations, and barrel-aged gins that offer a unique twist on the traditional gin experience.
Gift Sets
We've assembled sets that include everything from Whiskey Tasting Collections and Wine Discovery Sets to Mixologist Kits, each reflecting our expertise and passion for sharing the art of drinking well.
New York State Local Favorites
Greg invites you to explore the best of New York with our selection of local favorites. Celebrate the Empire State’s rich beverage culture with handpicked spirits and wines that highlight the unique flavors and craftsmanship of our region.
Winter Favorites