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Wine Storage Tips – For Hot Summer and Frigid Winter!

Fri, Aug 05, 22

Wine Storage Tips – For Hot Summer and Frigid Winter!

By Gregory Gorea
Seneca Wine & Liquor of New Hartford & Utica NY

  Wine Storage Tips:  You can’t help coming to a liquor store during extreme temperatures, and the first thing we remind customers when we are bringing their products to their vehicle, don’t leave these in the extreme heat or cold!  During extreme cold or heat make the liquor store your last stop, this way you can bring your purchases right home and store them properly.  Let your purchase ride with you inside the vehicle if you can, this way you won’t forget it in the trunk. 

            When you get home, I keep my wine in my cellar.  Not my wine cellar, just my normal cellar.  It’s dark and it’s always cool and out of the light.  I have about three old wine racks that I put my red wines on.  My whites I place in my refrigerator in the cellar.  This was they are always cold and ready to drink!    

            We keep our store cool winter and summer to protect your purchase, in just several minutes in a hot or cold vehicle you can ruin your wine.  You can also ruin your wine at home by putting it in direct sunlight, in a hot or freezing cold garage, on a sun porch, you name it, if the area isn’t cool and dry, you have a great chance of destroying those precious grapes that have been fermenting for you for that special occasion, or just to pop open and enjoy!


1.      Don’t leave wine or champagne in a cold or hot car for any period of time

2.      Store correctly inside and store your bottles sideways

3.      Keep way from sunlight

4.      Store in cool, dark area (I put them in my cellar)

5.      If you re-cork properly, your wine will stay good for 3-5 days

6.      Enjoy!

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